Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Puzzling Summer

Reecer finished his first triathlon! (July 2010)

I recently celebrated my 37th birthday which was a great weekend with family and friends.  As get older and hopefully wiser I'm reminded of the simple things in life. If I forget I have my 5 year old son to make sure I know all about cartoons, trains, snacks, naps, night time bedtime stories and wet pull ups.  If life was only that simple forever.

Reece Kids Triathlon 8-8-10
My summer health diagnosis continues to leave me and unfortunately the experts puzzled.  As I went back to the Cardiologist last week his first words to me went something like this, "Hello Scott, my puzzling patient".  Ok, now when your Cardiologist (somedays I still can't believe I have one) refers to you as puzzling patient it doesn't do a lot for the confidence.  Oh well....that is my life currently. 

I've had so many tests performed on me this summer I feel like an anatomy project.  Due to my puzzling diagnosis I have to go in for another test on 8/30 which is basically a combination of two other tests I've already been through called a Dobutamine Transesophageal Echocardiogram.  The Cardiologist is trying to determine why my Mitral Valve isn't functionng the way it should when my heart rate is above 150. 

Here is what my puzzling summer has involved.  I love taking vacations days off work to go have tubes stuck down my throat, however hopefully is almost over.


I've been trying to research and consult from NJ to California due to my original diagnosis of HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomypathy.  I'm not in the clear yet and currently trying to get Stanford HCM Center to look over my medical record as I have some symptoms, however not the genetic history. I can honestly say all of this has truly given me a new perspective on not taking life for granted.  Does it make it easier to accept, deal with or understand?  Absolutely not, however I owe it to all those that love me to not try to act like it's all ok by putting myself at risk. 

As I sort through this puzzling journey I've been on this summer I've learned many things about the importance of the simple things in life, the strength of my family and importance of great friends that although scared for me, they call, email, text and continue to be there for me.  Thank for you all and remember life should be about the simple things!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the journey!



Spokane Al said...

The journey is pretty much what we have in our short time on this rock. Highs, lows, puzzles, and challenges are what keep it interesting.

Keep pressing buddy!

leerless said...

You continue to inspire and amaze me and so many others! To see the pictures of you, Tristin and Reece making healthy living a fun and family thing is fabulous! I know (as a believer) that God has this all at hand Scott and he will be with you thru-out the whole journey. Where ever it takes you. Never doubt that!

Donna said...

You really have a gift of inspiring and energizing people around you with your love of endurance sports. I'm sure if anyone can find a way to continue to enjoy and participate in this sport you will. Take care....and stay healthy