Friday, May 13, 2011

Balanced Life Recovery

Life can get busy sometimes and I can't believe it's been over a month since my last blog post. I continue to feel blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life and feel like life is finally returning to a balanced state of normal.

I've recently had some great adventures with family and friends!  We took an trip to Oahu, Hawaii in April as a family with friends in our Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club joining us for an awesome vacation!  We were able to do all the things I love which include: exercise, laugh and spend quality time together in paradise!

Each morning we got up early and I worked out with some of the athletes I coach.  It was fun to be out there again training with others and enjoying the warm weather!  It was during this week in Hawaii that I started to feel the my fitness and health was finally returning after heart surgery. During the week I regained motivation to exercise as I finally started to regain fitness and it didn't feel like a struggle! 

Reece & I sharing one of our favorite family activities going to the water park.  I'm amazed at how brave my little buddy can be!  Now that he continues to grow like a weed, he's tall enough to go on the scariest slides in the park!  He continues to keep Tristin & I on our toes and bring so much joy into our lives.  Being a parent as most of you know isn't easy, but kids can literally touch our heart like nothing else. 

Team Blaze bike training in Hawaii!  We had some great rides, laughs and life memories!

It was during this week I started to think maybe I could try to do IM CDA 2011? I kept this thought to myself for about a month, yet continued to feel something pulling toward the white line at the end of the IM 140.6 mile journey. I realize some people will say Scott/Coach Scott, you're crazy you just had heart surgery in November, so wait for next year. Yes, I know but....

Reece's Red Lion Soccer Team

I decided this Spring that my life wasn't busy enough, so I decided to coach Reece's soccer team as I wanted him to have positive experience with being part of a team!  The Red Lions are a fun group of 5-6 yr olds that had never played soccer before, however in the last 6 weeks the kids have really improved! Our focus is on having fun and learning that exercise can be fun, however they have been developing skills, scoring lots of goals and winning too! (oh wait, we're not suppose to keep score =)) This experience has once again taught me that in life by giving we shall receive joy in return.  Good times!

Tobin, Suzanne & I @ Race for the Cure 5K

 After we returned from Hawaii, my wife Tristin had organized a Team Blaze Race for the Cure Team!  We all know someone that has been impacted by cancer and recently this has unfortunately impacted the lives of our family and friends.  Tristin unfortunately got sick before the run with a bad cold, so I decide the night before to run the 5K in pink with one of the athletes I coach and show my support. 

Last weekend as we usually do, we tried to cram in family fun!  Reece had always talked about wanting to go fishing, so we signed up for Kids Fishing Day through WA Fish & Game.  As you can see by the photo Reece was super proud of his big catch!  I think the Rainbow Trout was at least 16-18" and 5 lbs, which will provide great memories and conversation for years!

(Norma my IM CDA 2011 race partner, Tristin & I )
Norma (an athlete I coach and inspiration), Tristin & I. At the end of June Norma will be one of the 18 athletes I'm coaching this year for IM CDA. I plan to complete the bike and run with her as it will her first IM and my 6 month anniversary of my heart surgery!

As I mentioned earlier in my blog post I've thought about participating in IM CDA 2011. Yes, I know some of you are thinking is Scott/Coach Scott crazy???? Well maybe..... however I was told last year I could never swim, bike and run again, so completing this IM for me is my way of saying life should be lived on our terms. For me this is another step in my life to feeling free to live and possibly inspire others along the way!

When you fill out a the IM race application they ask you serious of questions which really got me thinking about the "why?". So , here is my reasons for wanting to take on this 140.6 mile journey to the white line.

Significant Personal Achievements

Returning to full health and recovery after mitral valve replacement surgery in Nov. of 2010.

Why have you sought Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene entry?

In 2010, I was told I could never swim, bike or run again due to an initial diagnosis of an enlarged heart and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy which fortunately was a misdiagnosis. I was however diagnosed with severe mitral valve prolapse and regurge. This required robotic heart surgery in Nov. of 2010 to replace my mitral valve with a mechanical St. Jude mitral valve and require that I take coumadin the rest of my life. The IM CDA 2011 will be about 6 months after surgery and reinforce to me that I'm living on my terms again. I want to inspire others to enjoy the journey through life, never give up and follow their dreams/passion for living! I feel blessed to be alive, healthy and inspire others to realize anything is possible!

Interesting facts about you

Father, husband, coach to 150 athletes 27 of which are racing IM CDA 2011!

Please share significant information relating to your Ford Ironman Coeur d'Alene training or participation

I had heart surgery on Nov.15th 2010, so I began this IM journey with zero fitness when I got clearance to start exercising again in February. As I began to exercise I couldn't even lift my right above my shoulder and running 1 mile was tough as I had lost all fitness, although I had some tough days I always remained optimistic that if I took the right approach I could return. Over next three months I became inspired by all the athletes I coach and decided I wanted to support and share the journey with them. So, on June 26th I'll be out there completing the IM journey to reach the white line in the road.
 It's been encouraging to see how the fitness has slowly come back as last year I was told to forget about my old life of endurance sports, which I refused to accept. I'm swimming as fast if not faster than before, although I've been really consistent and specific with swimming 3xweek. I really haven't biked that much 2x weekly (one interval/one longer aerobic ride), however two weeks ago I rode 60 windy miles averaging solid pace and HR. The running has FINALLY (test in patience) started to come around as I ran 6.5 mile @ 7:15 pace yesterday and recently ran 15 miles run @ 8 min. pace! 

The nice thing with doing IM this way is that it hasn't been hanging over me, plus I have no pressure to go faster than I should and end up having a suffering negative experience. Instead I can support other club members especially on the run!  I'm truly looking forward to the joining the other 27 Team Blaze athletes that inspire me as a coach and athlete more than they realize.  Ironman like life is truly a journey with highs and lows, however after you complete the journey you learn many life lessons along the way!

Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

Sunday, June 26, 2011
2.4 mile swim / 112 mile bike / 26.2 mile run
IM CDA race day for me isn't about chasing a PR, instead it's going to be a long day of enjoying the experience and supporting those that have supported and inspired me through a challenging last year of heart surgery.  I better start training, as I only have 6.5 weeks until IM!  Remember to enjoy the journey and live an inspired life!

Enjoy the journey and remember to live an inspired life as anything is possible if you mind to it.

Thanks for reading!


Spokane Al said...

Wow - that is a stylistic left turn.

Rock on Scott!!

Adrianne said...

Scott - I can't believe it! Can't wait to see you out there!!!! YIPEE!

Anonymous said...

I am happy for you Scott. Enjoy the day...or as you say..."Enjoy the Journey."