Monday, July 25, 2011

Swim, Bike, Run and Family Fun

Reece, Tristin, Lulu & I in Chelan

Summer of 2011 has been super busy as usual for the Roy family with triathlons, sun, bike rides, camping trips and arrival of your 4th child "Lulu".  Some of you are probably thinking, wait a minute you only have one child?  Well, that is somewhat true as Reece just turned 6!  He decided for his birthday he wanted a dog, so he and mommy wore me down by introducing me to our cute little mini-schnauzer. We decided to bring Lulu home to join Scooby & Barkley our other two dogs.  So, now we have 3 dogs and 20 fish in our backyard pond. 

Our dogs are big part of our family especially considering we can't have any more children of our own.  Recently one of my friends, said "how did Tristin get you to go for another dog? "  Basically it was either another dog or another child.  I honestly feel everything happens for a reason and I really like our family dynamics now.  So, we have 4 children in the non-traditional sense.

Tobin, Suzanne, Me, Reece, Tristin, Lulu & Becky
Chelan Multisport Weekend 7/16-7/17

We headed to Lake Chelan, WA. for a weekend of camping and racing. This is an area we really enjoy with the usually great weather and beautiful clear lake! We decided this year to once again camp and really enjoyed the clean Bebee Bridge park campground right along the Columbia River with it’s nice warm showers, bike/walking paths, huge grass fields and kids play area.

Reece & our new tent!
It was fun to camp with other Team Blaze athletes/friends Tobin, Suzanne and Becky. Thanks Becky for getting the camp site!

The Chelan Multisport weekend begins on Saturday with a Half Ironman Tri, Olympic Distance Tri, Half Marathon and 10K. Team Blaze was represented by Becky (70.3), Tobin, Tammy, Greg and Kris in Olympic Tri. It was fun to see everyone out on the course pushing through to the finish. Everyone did great with several new PR results!

Reece & Lulu playing tug-o-war
 On Sunday, Team Blaze had Inga (1st tri), Tristin, Suzanne (3rd relay), and Reece racing the sprint and kids tri. The weather was perfect as the lake was flat and perfect temp, which was refreshing after last year with 2 ft chop and IM CDA’s freezing water.

Once again we really enjoyed the weekend of camping and racing at Lake Chelan! Each year we've gone to this race and built a life long memories! This year we had a smaller group from the club, however it was still a fun weekend. Saturday Becky raced the 70.3 in a PR 6:30, Tobin got a PR in the Olympic Tri and Greg, Kris and Tammy raced the Olympic too. Yesterday Tristin & Suzanne finished 3rd in Sprint Tri relay. Reece did his 4th tri and once again had a blast finishing with a big smile!

Fast looking bike, but still need work on the engine!

This was the first triathlon since heart surgery where I've really pushed it on the bike & run which felt great! I ended up finishing 3rd overall and 1st age group, so I was thrilled with the result, although I realized my running at higher HR is still not quite back yet. I forgot how tough it is running really hard after biking and running hard first. Wow, my first half mile felt slow, but as my support wife reminds me daily I need to be patient and thankful to be healthy.  This race was another step for me in realizing I'm going to beat this bump in the road and return to life long health!

Reece & I Chelan Awards!
Chelan post race awards!

Tristin & Reece Chelan Tri

Chelan Multisport weekend provides an opportunity for all ages to participate in some healthy fun, so Reece was up for some swim (run in the water), bike, run and fun.  This was his 4th triathlon and he did great!  It is really important to me that he learn that exercise can be fun.  He loves to bike, his swim is improving and although running isn't really his favorite I was so proud of him as he ran the whole way including the big hill at the finish!  He kept, saying "I will never quit, I will never quit", which warms my heart. 

Reece biking at Chelan Tri!

Reece & I doing the run together!

Reece Chelan Kids Tri

Another cool feature of this race is free finisher photos!  Reece got another medal, which really fuels his fire and plenty of yummy snacks at the finish!  He had a blast and proceeded to crash out in the car for the next 2 hrs drinving home.

Tired little triathlete!

He rallied up for some fun play time in Coulee City.  I feel it's so important for kids and adults to have the balance of healthy fun!

I highly recommend the Chelan Multisport weekend as it provides the perfect healthy balance camping, racing and run!  This weekend further reinforces some of the lessons I've learned over the last year regarding importance of life experiences, frendship and family.  Ultimately, we remember our relationships with ours and experiences/memories along the way!

Medical Lake Practice Tri 7/20
 Another big part of our lives is Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club which has now grown to over 160 members!  The club really has become like a big family and provided us with an avenue to share our passion for health and fitness with others.  The Team Blaze spirit is truly contagous as the members of the club truly know how enjoy the journey! 

Race the River Sprint Tri 7/24

This has now become the one of the largest sprint triathlon in the Pacific NW with +800 athletes. It isn't a race I had planned to do, however when one of the club members couldn't race after signing up and Tristin hurt her heel, I decided why not do another sprint tri!  It was fun to see +25 Team Blaze members participating as everyone did great!

I knew this race was unique with a river current swim and 3 loop bike, however I didn't know the run had a nasty little hill in the middle, but the pancake flat course is hard to find.  Ever since heart surgery running the hills has been more challenging than I remember, but I not complaining as at least I get to participate again.

My race started off in the 3rd wave which meant I starting +33' behind the speedy elite athletes and 3' behind the 29 and under group.  I started the swim off great and soon found myself out in front weaving through the masses of beginner swimmers as I exited the water and looked at my watch it read 9:20!  I felt great and decided to take my wetsuit off  and slip on my Crocs down by the water as we had a long run to our bikes.  Once I arrived at my bike I had a smooth transition of 45"!

On the first loop of the bike I realized the road was rough coming back, however I was riding steady and most importantly I felt good.  As I finished loop #1 I noticed the road was now crowded with people in the later waves.  Even though they tell people ride to the right, when you have so many beginners they were riding 4 wide and saying on your left was getting no response.  After loop #2 when the 2 guys drafting behind me the whole way decide to pass (ride your race people) I noticed the road was now really crowded especially on the turns.  As I came back on the bike I was starting to get tired as I'm just not use to riding that hard, so I backed off a bit to spin the legs and bring the HR down before the run.

As I came into transition I was pleased to again get in and out of there quickly (25")!  I always figure transitions are "free speed", so I need to use my race experience to my advantage!  As I started the run my legs were feeling OK, but I just couldn't find the next gear with my turnover I've been seeing on the track lately.  My goal going into the run was to run faster than last week.  When reached the turn around on the run I was just trying to keep it steady when a guy in my age group passed me.  My initial thought was to gowith this guy, however my body told my mind not today.  As I made the turn and headed up the short steep hill I was just trying to keep steady and seeing Mason's awesome sails sculpture provided a nice distraction!  I tried to run fast back down the hill and I soon saw Team Blazers Bill, Rob and John which provided a nice lift for the last 1/2 mile.  When I ran around the pond toward the finish I was thinking I hope no one else passes me as I'm tired!  I was pleased to run 20" faster than last week!

I ended up finishing in 1:02, which was faster than I expect! I finished 5th in my age group and 23rd overall! This race was competitive and once again provided the perspective that I need, which relates to chasing new PR's and enjoying the journey.

Tristin, Reece & Lulu

I honestly feel blessed to be able to participate again! Although as much as I try I'm just wired to be competitive and especially with myself.  (= It's hard to detach from old times.  My loving and supportive wife told me yesterday, "you just had heart surgery 7.5 months ago and I bet you were the only athlete there that can say that." She's right as much as I don't like to say it.  I need to focus on celebrating my health, inspiring others and not old times/pace.

Enjoy the journey!

This picture was taken on the way to Chelan and reminds me of how blessed I feel to be healthy, enjoy quality time with great friends and loving/supportive family.  In my mind this photo reflects the endless road and sky filled possibilities that are before all of us.  I have so many things I want to see and do!  I also I have so many people I want to inspire to want more from their journey and enjoy living a healthy life!

Thanks for reading and supporting!


donna said...

I think Chelan Man is definitely on our family list of things to do next year. It sounds like so much fun. And I was checking results of RTR last night Scott and there was some pretty serious competition at that this year. So your overall placing was VERY impressive considering the company. Just imagine where you will be in a year from now when you have had a good solid 12 months of training under your belt.

John said... are as always an inspiration. I had such a great time, and I look forward to the next event...and more training to prep. Rock on Scott!!