Saturday, October 8, 2011

11 months and 11 years

Tristin, Reece & I

 As I sit here typing I’m reminded of my last 11 months since I underwent heart surgery.  Some days I almost forget and then I hear the tick, tick, tick in my chest.  There is not a day that goes by since Nov. 15, 2010 that I don’t thank god for giving me more time on the rock to live my life.  I’m so truly blessed to be given a 2nd chance at living an inspired life and trying to in turn inspire others.
Over the last 11 months my life has followed a bumpy road, although I truly feel god doesn’t give us more than we can handle.  I’m so fortunate to have an amazing support system in my life that has truly helped me smooth my bumpy road.  My wife (Tristin) has been a key in this process. My son (Reece) makes me laugh and reminds me daily to enjoy the little things in life. My family has been there with me every step of the way.  My friends and athletes I’m so fortunate to coach have inspired me more than they will ever realize to keep living and maintain my passion for living a healthy life.  Special thanks to Dr. Daniel Zwiesler for helping to keep me motivated during the Portland Marathon training with too many 5:30 am runs and 50 mile weeks to count.  (you've done the work so now make it happen!)
My parents and I after my first Portland Marathon 1998

As I toe the start line tomorrow for the Portland Marathon, I will truly let my heart lead the way as I feel blessed to be at the starting line again.  I’ve learned over the last year that it’s more difficult sometimes to get to the start than the finish.  My training for Portland started in July with minimal fitness, however I’ve been able to continue to improve each week and feel as fit as ever.  I had reached almost all my fitness goals and then on 9/18 while running the Sandpoint Half I strained my right calf.  Although at first I chalked it up as my own overzealous attempt to run faster than I should have run the first 5 miles and general soreness, it’s turned into another bump in the road.  I ‘ve basically been forced to take the two weeks off running and aqua jog/swim as I had to give myself the best opportunity to get to the starting line in one piece.
I’ve spent the last two weeks trying to stay positive, use every injury treatment tip I know and honestly reflect on why I do all this crazy endurance stuff.  The answer is simple: I LOVE the challenge of pushing myself mentally and physically.  It’s the mental challenge with the marathon that keeps drawing me back.  For me this Sunday it’s about me vs. the Portland Marathon course.  This will our 5th battle and unfortunately the score is not in my favor, however I’m hoping all my hard work training over since July will lead me to my solid day.  I know I need to take a more patient approach and really listen to my body. 

Trisin & I in Maui, HI after getting married on Oct. 10, 2000
This Monday, Oct. 10th will also be another special day as it’s our 11th wedding anniversary! It’s amazing Tristin has put up with me this long and feel so blessed to have her in my life. She’s always maintained her unconditional love and support for me.  She has been there to pick me up when I fall or just listen when I need to vent about the bumps in the my road. She is truly a special person that touches the lives of others with her positive spirit for life.  You’re an awesome wife and mother to Reece!  We’ve made so many awesome memories and I look forward to years of adventures as our road hopefully takes a smoother path.

The future with endless possibilies!
 All of this has taught me to more clearly understand the idea of success being measured by getting to the starting line.  I continue to strongly believe in the importance of enjoying the journey and looking forward to the future as I take on new challenges!
Thanks for reading and supporting!

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leerless said...

I will be saying a special prayer for you tomorrow in church. One for endurance, one for peace and one understanding. All with the Will of God in the forefront of my prayer. I know tomorrow's race is a special one for you. I know you will "enjoy the journey" that is the Portland Marathon and however the outcome, you will spin it in a positive direction. God's Speed tomorrow. With much love, Aunt Rita