Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hawaii Tri-cation April 2012

What is a "trication" you ask?  It's my idea of perfect vacation!  Since we moved from Hawaii in 2003 we've tried to go back once each year in the Spring.  It's always the perfect time considering we've had 4 months of many cold, gray and 2012 brought too rainy days to count.  There are so many things about Hawaii that I love and often ask myself why I ever moved back to the mainland??

I highly recommend to any sun loving endurance enthusiast to spend a week or longer training and vacationing in Hawaii as it creates the perfect balance of everything that the fuels my soul.  I was able to feel like I could train like use to train since heart surgery last year! I felt great seeing all my consistent training this winter pay off.  I completed the week of my trication with great training totals swimming 8K, biking 202 miles and running 42 miles!  It's easy when you love to exercise and don't have to work.  I really enjoyed training on some of my old routes and open water swimming!

Most importantly I was able to spend quality time with my wife & son.  We were able to do many fun things while spending 10 days in Hawaii.  I've tried to capture a few of our many adventures in my pictures below. Enjoy!

Easter in Hawaii!

Sea Life Park

On of my many bike rides I took a picture of Windward Oahu.

Got to love the Hawaiian flowers!

Reece and his new friend.  We took a really cool night guided tour of the Honolulu Zoo which I highly recommend!

Reece, Sophia & Olivia Wolf playing on Waikiki Beach!

Reece enjoying the Waikiki!

Reece running from the North Shore waves!

Noooooo, my sand castle is getting crushed.  The cool thing about the beach is it allows all of us to play in the sand and feel like a kid again!  Reece loved making big sand castles.

Hiking Keana Point, Reece was trooper as it about 6 miles, although was saw monk seals, whales and cool birds!

Yes, shark sighting on the North Shore!

Reece turtle surfing in Waikiki!

Turtles get some sun on the North Shore!

That's right, look closely as this dolphin is blowing bubble rings! 

I think this dolphin at Sea Life Park was smiling at Reece and I!

Morning run sunrise!

My last morning run on my trication I had to capture the cool Hawaiian sunrise.  We had another memorable trip and it definitely makes me want to move back to Hawaii.  Some day we will return to the 808 paradise with one way tickets ready to live the simple life!

Thanks for visiting and remember to enjoy the journey!

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donna said...

When you move back can you take me with you??? It looks like the perfect lifestyle there - slower, warmer. What's not to love. Glad you had a great trip and are re-energized and ready to race.