Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Boise 70.3 *Finishing What We Start*

The journey while training and racing the Boise 70.3 Half Ironman was one I'll never forget for many reasons.  As I was suffering through the run I kept remembering something my parents taught me long ago which I will pass on to my son which involves making a commitment to do your best and finish what you start!  This experience reinforced many parallels of life as we al know life doesn't always go as we plan, however I feel we learn much more about ourselves through the trying times. 

Where do I begin....the good, the bad or the ugly?

We had a great group of friends in Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club (http://www.teamblazespokane.com/) began the journey training for the race over 19 weeks ago.  Everyone trained consistently through wet, cold weather weekend after weekend and arrived on race day ready for the 70.3 mile challenge ahead!

As for Boise, everyone did great considering the conditions on the day and all 21 TB athletes finished through broken bones, Kidney Stones, dehydration and cramping!  Kimberly, Kevin, Bill, Anne and Tia completed their first 70.3!  Anne, Gretchen and Staci all placed in the top 10 in their age groups!

As a coach I'm very proud of the consistent effort, commitment and determination all of you showed in training for Boise and racing in brutal windy conditions on the bike! In 10 yrs. of racing triathlon/marathons I've only raced in conditions that windy once at the Las Vegas Marathon in 2003 and the porta potties/aid stations all blew over!

I truly appreciate the support and encouragement all of you provide to me as an athlete and coach. Seeing the improvement in all of you motivates me. Thanks Brett & Tobin for all the great workouts! Maybe we can all turn it around at Chelan!

As for my journey....
 I felt really prepared and fit for this race, however as many of you know things don't always go as planned even when we train and follow a realistic plan.

I had an OK swim and bike through 50 miles, although the wind was brutal 25-30mph the whole way, I obviously didn't hydrate enough. I ended up with both hamstrings seizing up off the bike and severe pain in my right Kidney. As the run progressed the pain worsened until finally the last 5k I could only walk while short of breath/light headed and hold my side to manage the pain. After being taken to the med. tent the doctors determined based my symptoms I was passing a Kidney Stone, which explains the intense pain and other related symptoms. It's very frustrating as I really felt ready for a good race, however I hope everyone can take away the importance of hydrating consistently in hot and windy conditions. I don't want this to worry anyone, however instead reinforce that triathlon hydration/nutrition is as important as swim, bike and run. Adjusting to the conditions on race day is key!

I'm sore, disappointed/frustrated, however I'm appreciative of all the support shown to me during the race. Thank you Penny/Tristin/Gretchen for trying to get me to run with you, and everyone else for the positive thoughts. I tried to stay positive at the end, however I was in complete survival mode.

We truly have a great team made of athletes that continue to encourage and support one another. As for me, I'm went to the Dr. yesterday which reinforced the what the Dr. at the race sight diagnosed I was passing a Kidney Stone during the race. I get the rest of the lab results back tomorrow, so hopefully I'm through the worst of the ugly side of this experience.  My pain has starting to subside, so I'll be back in the pool and on the bike soon!  As for running, I'm going to give it a week as I'm having flash backs to a painful 13.1 mile experience I hope to never repeat.

I try to learn something from every race or journey preparing for race. This experience was definitely reflective of the good (all the great friends in TB), the bad (tough race conditions), and the ugly (my 13.1 mile painful nightmare at the end of Boise 70.3).

Lessons learned.....
*I truly enjoyed the journey training more than the race.

*I need to learn someday to hydrate better on the bike!

*Kidney Stones are brutal and I don't ever want to experience that pain again!

*The results don't always match up to the training/fitness.

*After I regroup mentally and physically I plan to race fun short triathlons the rest of the season.

*I know I can get through any tough race or workout and finish what I started!

Healthy training,

Coach Scott

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Spokane Al said...

Thanks for your recap of your adventure laden tour of Boise. My first stop after hearing about your kidney stone issues was to visit webmd.com to find out what causes them. Drink more water - every day, all day!

See you on the roads buddy.