Saturday, June 25, 2011

24 hrs to IM CDA 2011

The anticipation for IM CDA has been building as +30 athletes in Team Blaze Spokane Triathlon Club finish their finally preparation for the big day.  We all met up yesterday at the swim start for some last minute discussion and tips about the swim.  The water was choppy which I'm hoping won't be the case on Sunday, it was cold initially which it will be on Sunday and everyone is ready to ROCK!  These amazing individuals have trained some of them for years to get to this point in the IM journey.  Some couldn't swim just a few years ago, some didn't really know how to ride a bike and most only dreamed they could one day do the IM after like me watching it on TV.

The IM CDA dinner was inspirational as usual with one athlete competing in his 121st IM!  An 18yr old kid racing with broken hand/great sense of humor, 7 athletes over 70 yrs old racing, athletes that have lost weight, cancer survivors, athletes living with MS, and athletes like Phil Sandifur & I that have had major heart surgery.  The motto for IM which is "Anything is Possible" was on full display. 

I hope my story has both inspired other to move foward in life through challenges and learn to never give up! 
Recently in an interview I was asked, what this IM means to me and if it meant more now?  Without hesitation my answer was "YES", I'm not chasing 10 hrs anymore, I'm out there truly enjoying the journey and appreciating my health, my 2nd chance to live my life and hopefully positively impact the lives of others.

Thank you to KHQ & IM for allowing me to share my story.

All this has taught me life is about living and truly following your passion, so tomorrow I wish everyone especially my teammates and athletes I coach all the best in follow their passion and seeing their dreams become reality!  You're all racing as individuals, yet you'll stand strong through the challenges of IM and support each other to the finish!  Be steady, patient and positive on your journey to the white line in the road!  Remember you're stronger the you think you are and you can do more than you think you can! 

Make your day truly special as it's not about the finish time it's all about the journey to the finish!  Enjoy the journey my friends! 

Lastly, this picture of my awesome wife Tristin says it all.  She spent most of the day creating this amazing Ironman sign in support of all the Team Blaze athletes participating in IM. She's always so giving and supportive.  When I think of how to describe an ideal friend, spouse and partner I would say someone just like my wife.  She's the glue that positively impacts so many lives and makes me want to be a better father, husband and friend.  I love you babe and don't worry about me on Sunday as I too will become an IM for the 4th time!

Thanks for reading!

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